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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Who is teaching my child?

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Who is teaching my Child?

It may alarm you but there is no legal requirement for a person who teaches your child, dance, drama, singing or even music to be qualified, recent evidence has shown that more and more people are taking up this occupation to try and earn a fast buck.

With the recent popularity of dancing and singing television programmes and recent booms within the fitness world there is now more than ever, people who are teaching children within our communities, some of which do not even hold a CRB (criminal records bureau certificate) or new DBS (disclosure and barring service check)

Let’s start with the facts, there are only two forms of qualification that are generally recognised in the UK for dance teaching.
1)      A degree (or higher) award made by a registered university along with a Certificate of Education or Post Graduate Certificate of Education to permit the holder to teach within an education establishment.

2)      A professional qualification and annual registration to one of the teaching organisations, allowing the holder to organise and hold weekly classes outside of a normal education establishment, the annual registration is to maintain professional development and confirm that they are an ongoing member of an Awarding Organisation.

So what should I do?
As a parent or person responsible for young children or vulnerable adults you should always check out the teacher and establishment that you are taking your child to, ask yourself four simple questions.

1)      Can I stay with my child? No qualified teacher should stop any parent or guardian from staying with their child, part of the Child Protection and Vulnerable Persons Act legislation states that any activity should be done in an open environment and not behind closed doors.

2)      Is the venue a permanent establishment or is the teacher just hiring facilities? (this is a little more complicated) Lots of well-established professional teachers hire facilities and it is the responsibility of the venue to check that anyone hiring their premises has adequate insurance and is qualified to do so, however lots of venues are maintained by volunteers and are not made aware of their ‘Duty of Care’

3)      Have I chosen these classes because they are the cheapest around? If the teacher is not qualified and therefore not paying an annual membership to a professional organisation or paying for adequate insurance their overheads will be cheaper and therefore can offer classes at a discount price.

4)      Does the school offer examinations? This is not a fool proof test as several organisations are now offering their examination services to non-qualified teachers. However, if the school or teacher organises regular sessions where an external examiner comes to the centre and the children receive a certificate and/or award with an official Awarding Organisation then this is a very good indication that the teacher is probably an annually registered professional.
These rules are by no means fool proof and if you are ever unsure ask to see the teachers’ certificate and or annual membership card or contact their professional organisation who will always say if a person is a registered professional.

There are lots of non-registered and unqualified people teaching our children and some of them are fantastic at their job, they have just never bothered to become qualified, we can never legislate for harm coming to children but as grownups we can help to prevent children being harmed, over my years as a registered professional I have been fortunate enough to work with organisation like the NSPCC to create working guidelines for teachers of children and vulnerable adults, and more recently worked with the Department of Education Safeguarding team to help create the new Children in Performance Legislation, but having been through the care system as a child, I know and have experienced the dangers children can face, which just makes me more and more mad when parents or guardians do not do something as simple as checking ‘WHO IS TEACHING MY CHILD’ and these people are the ones who would never take their beloved pet to a non-qualified vet or even their car to a non-qualified mechanic.
If you are a parent who is concerned and do not feel like you can ask then start by researching the person yourself, talk to other parents or friends or contact the professional dance awarding organisation. If you are a practicing non-qualified teacher and would like more information on becoming qualified or if you would like to know more about the dance awarding organisation you should contact the Council for Dance Education and Training or give them a call on 0207 240 5703.

© Graham Vernon 2013

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